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recent updates:

oct 04 (wed) -- new homepage finished! not a huge change but i wanted something fresh ^_^ will continue updating all pages in the coming days

oct 02 (mon) -- new layout under construction! please come back later ^_^

sept 25 (mon) -- tweaked formatting on music page, accidentally had an album embedded twice >___<; eek so embarassing well i fixed that also + graphics page is underway!!

sept 23 (sat) -- hi... back again sorryyyy >//<' finally updating this web site after a million uears (serious mode). new blog entry, updated music page (ongoing), more planned for the next month or so ^_^

may 15 (mon) -- HI I'M BACK!! sorry for being gone life got kind of crazy but i'm gonna try to update this site more ^_^ new blog post + music page update coming soon !!

mar 21 (tues) -- this site has been migrated to AWS! the beginning of a new era : )

mar 10 (fri) -- added buttons to all pages, new language blog added!

jan 28 (sat) -- cattery is now live!! check out my warrior cats...

jan 25 (wed) -- new theme! all pages updated, new blog organization, removed changelog (cause it was redundant)

dec 17 (sat) -- updated gender page + index + favourites, new favicons

dec 13 (tues) -- updated music page, tweaked layout, new last.fm widget.

welcome to cloudpaw! i am sasha, and this is my little corner of the internet where i chill, talk about music i like and the warrior cats i make up in my brain and overshare on my blog. i've coded this all myself, so i hope that you enjoy! this site is edited using vscode and firefox, hosted on aws, and is best viewed on a 1920 x 1080 screen; it is not optimised for mobile. while you're here, do you mind signing my guestbook?

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    coming soon :
      minecraft gallery, graphics page
      warrior cats, gothic language shrines
      book reviews (?)
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